Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Saturday in Reno ..... Part one

Saturday morning the guys and a couple of the gals went out to the range to make noise. I had just about run out of steam at this point and decided to take my time getting my day started.
I wanted to have a light breakfast and wander around for a while checking out the sights I had not seen yet.

After breakfast I went to take a look at the El Dorado and throw a few more dollars in the slots just in case it happened to be my lucky day, it wasn't.
I had spent quite some time looking around and decided I would go back to my room and perhaps take a short nap. On the way back to Circus Circus I met up with Blanche and Terri who were both hungry and looking for somewhere to eat. I took them to the food court at The Silver Legacy where I had enjoyed my breakfast. After they had eaten we hit the casinos some more.

Terri and Blanche

We ended up back at The El Dorado. That is quite some fountain they have.

yours truly

Outside the hotel an Italian street fair was being held. It seemed all we could see were food stalls and many stalls selling jewelry. The aroma of garlic was in the air, folks were wandering around eating spaghetti, garlic bread, some kind of yummy looking ravioli, and washing it down with wine.

There was music coming from up the street and as we walked closer I could hear a song which is sung by Andrea Bocelli, one of my favorite singers. I stood and listened to the rest of the song, then we moved on back inside the hotel, fed a couple more slot machines before returning to our rooms to get ready for the Rendezvous dinner. So much for my quiet day and the nap I was going to take.
I will have pictures from the dinner tomorrow.

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Phyllis said...

Well save some money for gas to get home on!!
Romanza, I love that CD by Andrea Bocelli

Ginco said...

You're looking good Keewee !!
I think that fountain is a BIG WOW!!