Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hooray! a day to myself

Finally, a day that I can do absolutely nothing if I want to.

Ever since we arrived back from our visit to Alaska, I have been either working at my job, or getting things ready to go on a shooting trip out of town, or going to the range for a match, or a quick run to seattle to bring back to the island, our mini-van we had shipped back from Juneau, and also trying to keep on top of the housework. Dang! I am exhausted. Mind You, I am not complaining, it is better to be busy than sitting around bored to tears.

Today I think I would like to play in my garden. In fact it has been a while since I posted any pictures or udated keewee's garden, as you have probably noticed.

Buying a lotto ticket when I am at the grocery store, is also on the agenda. Wouldn't it be sweet to win the lotto? I could retire and just have fun every day. OK, I can hear you say *good luck* in a, *your chances are slim to none voice,* but you have to be in to win, and dreams are free, about the only thing that is!

Here it is 9:30am and I am not showered and dressed for the day, not at all my usual routine. Heck, after all, it is my day to relax and actually enjoy a couple of cups of coffee before starting my day. It may take me half the day to get rolling.

You all have a wonderful day.


Mary Lou said...

Where do you work? I need a part time job, a sit down and stand up job, just a few days a week. Spending money ya know!

steve said...

you enjoy it I like days like that oh the joy of just to slob all day

Ginco said...

We all need some "me time", but
we don,t grant ourself such
small pleasures. Look at me, instead of relaxing, I run around
like a bear with a sore head!!
Enjoy your free day keewee, even
if you spend all day in your pj's!!!

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

Mary Lou, email me and I will let you know where I work.

Anonymous said...

I love those kind of days where there are no definite plans to get in the way. Hope you had a grand relaxing day. Hope you remembered to buy that lotto ticket. :-)