Saturday, August 12, 2006

Pot Luck Picnic

Today the Fishin' Club held it's end of year summer pot luck picnic. We could not have asked for a better day. The sun was shining although there was a little cool breeze off the water but you just gotta' be tough!

John and Mr.C setting up before the gang arrives. John asked me what I would like to drink, but champagne with peaches was not an option. Oh! well, I will settle for a soda.

The picnic was held at Maxwelton park and had a wonderful view across Useless Bay towards the Strait of Juan De fuca.

Keewee smiling for the birdie

Yoo Hoo! over here, look this way.

There now, that's better. Hmmmm! some of you weren't quite ready for the picture!

Munch, munch, munch. Hey guys would you mind if I take your picture?

Lovely, just lovely. Thank you, you can go back to eating.

Full tummys.

More full tummys
As usual we ate way too much of the scrumptious food everyone brought to the picnic.


Mr. Completely said...

B U R R R P P P ! ! ! !

.......ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ...... snorpff...

....... Mr. C.

Ginco said...

Nothing to beat a get together
with friends, and loads of
yummy food!!

I can see what Mr.C was up to
after the plates were empty -
Good for you!!!Haaahaaaha!

Anonymous said...

Sharing good food under blue skies with good friends.. wonderful.

Anonymous said...

loved the pose