Friday, October 13, 2006

Goody, Playmates.......Not !!

Before we left on our visit to Reno I placed a bird feeder on the glass door leading to the deck. I was thinking Rocket may enjoy a little kitty entertainment while we were gone.

Rocket spends quite a lot of time being entertained.

This morning I glanced up to see 'the three rabbit buddies' up on the deck. It appears they have discovered the feeder and the spilled seed. I knew this could be a photo opportunity as Rocket saw the rabbits about the same time I did.

Black Bunny and Blonde Bunny were the first to nibble on the fallen seed (yes we have names for our semi-wild bunnies, don't you name your wild critters?)
Pictures are white because we are looking through a sun shade

I thought we were going to have to apply kitty CPR to Rocket. He was up on his hind legs dancing around, pawing at the glass, whiskers quivering, tail twitching and all but turning inside out trying to get at the rabbits. It was hilarious to watch. This was Keewee entertainment.
Then Brown Bunny finally noticed the crazy cat on the other side of the glass. Eyes wide in fright, he darted off startling his buddies into joining his flight from the deck.

Poor Rocket, he stayed by the glass door for about an hour, hoping for more entertainment.


Anonymous said...

I love bunnies...I want bunnies.

Anonymous said...

I name everything that wanders into our garden.


Ginco said...

What a pity Rocket was spotted by the bunnies, and his entertainment was short lived. But I'm pleased he didn't need the CPR, HAAHAHA!

Mary Lou said...

Oh my squirrels are named Lola and Suzie, and the Downey woodpeckers are Mort and Morticia, and the Hairy woodpeckers are Harry and harriet! The bandtailed Pidgeons are george and gracie, and I have bird feeders in front of Every window for the cats to watch!.

Anonymous said...

Loved the photos and the commentary. Bear also loves to watch the birds from the inside of our glass door. We call the door his wide screen TV. :-)